Top 15 items to Pack for a Caribbean Vacation

Packing for vacation can sometimes be a daunting job. Here are the top 20 tips that will make packing a breeze!

  1. Travel Documents: These are the absolute most important things you need to get to the Caribbean. Passport, driver’s license, IDs, travel insurance, and plane tickets. These should be secured preferably on your person or carry on hand luggage
  2. Well-Packed Carry On: Pack your carry on with any items that would be essential within 24 hours of travel. This includes prescriptions, toiletries, a change of clothing and shoes, and definitely a bathing suit! With international travel, luggage can be delayed for up to a day. A well-equipped carry on will leave you lounging poolside, and stress free, while waiting for your suitcase.
  3. A lock should secure your suitcase which should be labeled for easy identification.
  4. Lightweight Clothing: Caribbean is in 80˚F and can be very humid. For day-to-day activities, pack a variety of shorts and polos for men, and dresses, skirts, and loose tops for women. At dinner and when out and about it is not appropriate for men to be bare chested and the women dressed in revealing clothes or bikini.
  5. Comfortable Shoes: You will need a pair of sneakers or sturdy walking shoes as many streets and roads in Grenada are very steep and uneven..
  6. Umbrella: In the rainy season there are frequent light downpours, so pack a lightweight umbrella.
  7. Protective lotions: Plenty Sunblock,lipbalm, aloe vera, coconut oil to soothe sunburnt skin
  8. Mosquito Spray: Mosquitos are a fact of life in the caribbean. So arm yourself with plenty.
  9. Sunglasses & Hats:  A wide rimmed hat will keep the sun from burning your face. Sunglasses, with SPF protection, will also protect your eyes from the sun
  10. ziplock bags to carry medicines, makeup, First Aid Kit: If something spills, your clothe are not ruined.
  11. Photographers beware! You will need a huge amount of batteries or bring  rechargeable power supply as these are very expensive to purchase on the island
  12. Bring an international travel adapter for your shaver or hair tongs
  13. Purchase the Travellers guide grenada map to plan your tours of the island
  14. Cell Phone Service: Check with your cell phone carrier to confirm coverage in the Caribbean and what frequency your phone works on. You may be required to activate “roaming” and be subject to fees while using your phone on vacation.
  15. Go digital: ditch heavy books and magazines.
  16. Local currency. Its worth having some money cahnged to EC$ for taxi fares on arrival

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