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Dreaming of a Caribbean Wedding vacation in tropical paradise? With the sand between your toes and the ocean behind you, Grenada offers couples the opportunity to have a wedding with a unique spicy Grenadian flavour at one of the most picturesque location on isle of spice.


From an intimate beach for two, or cascading waterfall to a full celebrity-style event, your wedding planning begins here.


.You need to be on the island for three days before applying for a marriage licence.


The following documents must be provided:


• Valid Passports


• Birth Certificates


• Sworn Affidavit (or letter from a Clergy Man, Lawyer or Registry), attesting that neither party has not been married previously


• Decree Absolute, for each divorced party


• If widowed, the deceased's Death Certificate


• Legal proof if a name was changed by Deed Poll


• If under 21 years, written parental consent by way of an Affidavit from a Lawyer or Notary Public.


• The process usually takes two days. If either party is divorced the process may take longer,


A US$12 fee is payable to cover Stamp Duty, Registration, Marriage Certificate


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